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Creating Calm- Nervous System Healing Fundamentals for healing Trauma and Chronic illness

By: Dr Cathleen King, DPT

Powerful 4-part educational and experiential training

Brain Rewiring, VAGUS Nerve, Somatics and Energy medicine.

Includes An Easy to do, at home Brain Retraining Guided Practice along with a comprehensive set of tools to help resolve trauma, restore calm and build new pathways for the life you want to live.

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Class #1 - The Basics of Brain Retraining

Class #2 - Vagus Nerve Retraining  

Class #3 - Somatic Movement Therapy

Class #4 - Energy Medicine​

Course includes the following:

Class #1 - The Basics of Brain Retraining and introduction to the Dimensional Shift© technique

  • The science and psychology behind chronic conditions and trauma and why brain function is often a core issue

  • Learn the common algorithm of all brain retraining practices

  • Create your own home customized brain rewiring practice

  • Dimensional Shift© level 1 Technique to self-regulate and heal

  • This practice is a perfect compliment to any treatment for physical or emotional health that you are already doing

  • mp3 recording of guided Dimensional Shift level 1 Brain Retraining Practice

Class #3 - Somatic Movement Therapy

  • Learn why cognitive process alone cannot heal trauma lodged in the body

  • Learn somatic presence practices such as orientating

  • Learn the stages of somatic healing and how to incorporate tools of brain retraining into somatic experiencing

  • Improve detoxification processes through Somatics

  • Includes guided practices of orienting, Hannah Somatics techniques, and the 5 Tibetan Rites

Class #2 - Vagus Nerve Retraining Practices  

  • Vagus Nerve Training: Why the Polyvagal Theory is a cornerstone for rewiring the brain and creating a healing foundation in the nervous system.

  • Visual and Vestibular Brain Fitness – Learn exercises that optimizes the brain’s communication pathways for improved prefrontal activation.

  • Includes guided practices for home exercises and self vagal regulation

Class #4 - Energy Medicine Healing Self Practices

  • Learn the importance of attuning your conscious awareness to your energy field and harmonizing your chakra system

  • Understand the basics of energetic alignment practices 

  • Incorporate brain rewiring, somatic movement, EFT and energy medicine into a powerful morning alignment practice

  • Guided healing energy body attunement and balancing of the chakra system​

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