Dr Cat's BRAND NEW, entry level, neuroplasticity course! 

An in depth course focused on neuroplasticity, polyvagal theory & somatic embodiment.

A trauma informed, mind-body coherence toolkit!

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Don't want to wait for Dr. Cat's updated neuroplasticity program? 

Grab the original version below at a discounted rate!  This program has been tested and is full of effective self-regulation tools to get you started. 


Dr Cat's Original Home Study Neuroplasticity Program

"Creating Calm"

For Chronic Stress Related Conditions


*Mental Health

*Immune Health

*Emotional Health


*Trauma Patterns


Limbic System Regulation

This is a pre-recorded live course series designed by a doctorate-level physical therapist specializing in the brain and somatic system

Also includes:

Polyvagal regulation, functional neurology and vagal toning exercises

Somatic repatterning

Energy Medicine

This is a complete brain/body based physical therapy "tool kit" for your entire nervous system

Create Your Brain State™ presents
 Nervous System Healing Fundamentals for
limbic system regulation 
chronic illness and trauma recovery
*2019 Original Series

By: Dr Cathleen King, DPT

Powerful 4-part pre-recorded webinar of an educational and experiential training
Brain Rewiring, VAGUS Nerve, Somatics, and Energy medicine.

Home Brain Retraining Practice ,
vagus nerve toning exercises,
somatics & energy medicine

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Discounted! ONLY $147
Over 6 hours Instruction + guided practices + handouts

Class #1 - The Basics of Brain Retraining

Class #2 - Vagus Nerve Retraining /Polyvagal regulation

Class #3 - Somatic Movement Therapy

Class #4 - Energy Medicine​ bonus

Creating Calm Course includes the following 4 part series:

Class #1 - The Basics of Brain Retraining and introduction to the Dr. Cat's ABC Brain Retraining Program

  • The science and psychology behind chronic conditions and trauma and why brain function is often a core issue

  • Learn the common algorithm of all brain retraining practices

  • Create your own home customized brain rewiring practice

  • ABC Dimensional Shift© level 1 Brain Retraining Program to self-regulate and heal

  • This practice is a perfect compliment to any treatment for physical or emotional health that you are already doing

  • mp3 recording of guided Dimensional Shift level 1 Brain Retraining Practice

Class #3 - Somatic Movement Therapy

Physical Therapist Exercise Program for body and nervous system regulation

  • Learn why cognitive process alone cannot heal trauma lodged in the body

  • Learn somatic presence practices such as orientating

  • Learn the stages of somatic healing and how to incorporate tools of brain retraining into somatic experiencing

  • Improve detoxification processes through Somatics

  • Includes guided practices of orienting, Hannah Somatics techniques, and the 5 Tibetan Rites

Class #2 - Vagus Nerve Retraining Practices  

  • Vagus Nerve Training: Why the Polyvagal Theory is a cornerstone for rewiring the brain and creating a healing foundation in the nervous system.

  • Visual and Vestibular Brain Fitness – Learn exercises that optimizes the brain’s communication pathways for improved prefrontal activation.

  • Includes guided practices for home exercises and self vagal regulation

Class #4 - Energy Medicine Healing Self Practices

  • Learn the importance of attuning your conscious awareness to your energy field and harmonizing your chakra system

  • Understand the basics of energetic alignment practices 

  • Incorporate brain rewiring, somatic movement, EFT and energy medicine into a powerful morning alignment practice

  • Guided healing energy body attunement and balancing of the chakra system​

Why This Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Program Was Developed-

This webinar series is based on both my professional and personal experience of seeing a dire need for a straightforward, comprehensive brain and nervous system regulation program.  Chronic stress-related illnesses lead to a myriad of debilitating conditions such as Lyme disease, Mold Toxicity, Chronic Pain, Environmental Sensitivity, Dysautonomia, Allergies, Digestive Issues, Anxiety, Depression, CPTSD, and personal and relationship challenges to say the least. 


After over 20 years of experience of understanding how the brain regulates so many of the vital functions of the body and seeing amazing results from based physical therapies to relieve the symptoms of these conditions, I decided to create my own program weaving together all of my best tools into one.  In addition to my physical therapist background, I personally used these tools to recover from my own case of debilitating chronic Lyme disease, mold, CPTSD, allergies, dysautonomia, and more.  

I personally know what it's like to be so sick you don't know where to start.  Frankly, there are many programs that are too complex, yet lacking a holistic approach, that I knew I needed to create a program that is backed by my physical therapy education and personal understanding of how to overcome chronic stress conditions.  

My entry-level brain retraining program is proven to calm down the overactive limbic system and is easy to do.  I combine that process with the best physical therapy hacks for the vagus nerve, the somatic body, and even the energy systems for a holistic program that you won't find elsewhere.  You can also easily weave my program into other brain retraining or trauma healing processes seamlessly, as many of my clients do that and have great results.  Other neuroplasticity programs that combine well with my methods are DNRS, Gupta, Vital Side, Lightning Process, ANS Rewire, and EFT.  Feel free to contact me with any questions!

*note, updated 2021 version will be released winter 2021.