PMS Portal Protocol

Creating Resilience and Magic During a Hormonal Hurricane

Combining Brain Retraining

Ancient Wisdom and

Structured Practices   

December 14, 2020

12-2pm PST Live Zoom

Please join me on the new moon to discover the opportunity to rewire the hormonal hell during your PMS portal

A course for those suffering from PMS, PMDD, and Perimenopausal Hormonal Regulation Difficulties

You can rewire and navigate the turmoil and upheaval that women everywhere experience during this potent portal time. 

I hear you.  You feel crazy, angry, moody.

Your symptoms spike

You feel out of control

And your relationships suffer

The purpose of this course

Bringing Understanding and Self Mastery of 

Hormonal-Limbic Cross Wired PMS Activation

     (and hopefully help to heal your relationships too)

You need support.

It's true.

So did I.  And I found it. 

I learned.  I rewired. 

I became resourceful. 

And I connected with other women and gained the wisdom of the ancients.

To survive

And now to thrive

During the PMS Portal

I'm creating this course 

to show you how to do the same

Sisters, We Must Unite And

Reclaim The Magic And Alchemy Of Hormonal Transition


In this course I will bring

  • the science of managing hormonal crosswiring issues 

  • structured proven PMS, PMDD, and Perimenopausal management practices 

  • nervous system regulation tools 

  • ancient wisdom

  • and guided practices

*including my signature quantum brain rewiring attunement 

And guess what?  There's going to be more!

This portal doesn't end...

This course is the birth of my vision of bringing ongoing monthly PMS support, to women around the globe.

Every month, on the New Moon, I will bring more medicine, more rewiring, more magic.

I will be bringing other expert women each class in the study of hormonal transitions

Creating a container of deep feminine support

That's what your soul needs...

The feminine alchemical container that was lost in the ages

The PMS Portal Of Magic and Alchemy

Combining Neuroscience and Proven Wisdom Strategies 

Join the first new moon session on Monday Dec 14th at 12-2pm PST for $44 (or the whole 6 month series at a discount- TBA in first class!)

All classes Recorded For Later Viewing.  All Participants Will Receive Recorded Guided Practices and Training Materials

This series of classes will include PMS management training consisting of: 

*dietary guidance

*energy medicine practices

*yoga and somatic movement to help improve meridian energy flow

*ancient divine feminine guidance

*guided brain rewiring practices and tips