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Rewire Your Brain....Heal from Illness and Trauma...Liberate Your Energy 

My Courses Focus on Empowering You with Proven Science Based Tools and Quantum Energetic Healing Transmissions 

Enhancing Immune Function through

Emotional Energetic Healing

Cathleen King & Andrea Luizari

4 Class Series combining neuroplasticity/brain rewiring and Emotion Code™/Body Code® Energy healing for Optimal Immune Function 

Each class contains instruction and quantum healing by both Cathleen and Andrea 

Contains powerful healing attunements using guided brain rewiring, subconscious quantum repatterning, and emotional energy healing experience.

Self Regulation Fundamentals for healing Trauma and Chronic illness

Powerful 4-part series covering Brain Rewiring, VAGUS Nerve, Somatics and energy medicine.

Includes  my dimensional Shift© Technique along with a comprehensive set of tools to help resolve trauma and build new pathways for the life you want to live.

Class #1 - The Basics of Brain Retraining

Class #2 - Vagus Nerve Retraining  

Class #3 - Somatic Movement Therapy

Class #4 - Energy Medicine

My Foundation Course Series For Healing The Brain And Nervous System