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*Ongoing support membership for participants of the Primal Trust Mentorship


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Core Mentors

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT


Michele Palmer, MSPT

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran


Weekly Core Offerings

  • Mentoring

  • Live Q&A

  • Brain Rewiring Attunments

  • Brain Rewiring/ Polyvagal Training

  • Dance and Movement

  • Primal Trust Implementation

  • Somatics/Feldenkrais Classes

  • Law of Attraction workshops

  • Laughter, Sillyness, Fun

  • Sound Healing

  • Polyvagal Regulation

  • Guest Speakers and more...


New Alchemy Guides/Monthly Offerings

  • Laura Scheindlin - Myofascial Movement and Fun

  • Tessa Malcarne - Limbic System Healing 

  • Aaron King - Inquiry and Epiphany

  • Christina Choy -  Integrating your Roots

  • Chazmith Newton - Human Design

Drop In Classes

  • Tammy Metz- Food and Rewiring Our Survival

  • Cory Parker- DIY Shamanic Journeying

  • Karen Murphy- Accessing Your Akashic Records

  • TBA- Gene Keys

Flexible Pricing

My intention is that all who want to participate can afford to be involved.  I have created a donation-based community that is flexible and inclusive.* 

The minimum suggested donation* is $47/month (less than $5 per class) and is the minimum rate for those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from these teachings and who are in need. This price does not compensate for the time/energy of those teaching the class and is a partial gift of value back to you.  Includes all access to the community except the Bonus Creating Calm course.

The standard suggested donation is $97/month (less than $10 per class) and is the base amount you would expect to pay for professional group instruction with multiple class options per week and a jam packed video library of past courses.  By paying this rate it helps to allow us to offer flexible pricing to the community. 

        *Includes access to weekly/monthly Live Classes, access to the Forum as well as access to Video Library of all past recordings.  The standard rate also offers BONUS ACCESS to Dr. Cat's original "Creating Calm- Self Regulation Fundamentals" Course.

*I do not want to turn anyone away who would like to be involved but cannot afford. 

Please contact me directly if you need financial assistance to join the community

Membership Includes

  • Access to Live and Recorded Classes (2-4 classes offered each week!)

  • Access to Forum- coaching access and ongoing help

    • You can't beat this price to receive premium support in your healing journey on a daily basis.

  • Access to Video Library

    • A massive video library of all past classes!​

  • BONUS Access to Dr. Cat's original "Creating Calm" Course ($197 value) for the Standard Suggested Donation ($97/mo rate)

  • ***** Special access to future fall 2021 Primal Trust Material for those at the standard rate****

Drop-in bonus classes and bonus new content is always being added!

*Open enrollment for those who've participated in the Primal Trust Mentorship