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This vibrant online community will be offered to participants of the Portal of Primal Trust Mentorship.  Community will start on March 15th, 2021.

Weekly Offerings

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

Falguni Bahvsar

Michele Palmer, MSPT

Alchemy Corner

Living Alchemy Mentoring/Q&A

Living Alchemy Attunements

Somatic Alchemy

Monthly Offerings

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Living Change

Flexible Pricing

The Scholarship Rate is $97/month (only $5 per class) and is the minimum rate for those who would otherwise be unable to benefit from these teachings and who are in need. This price does not compensate for the time/energy of those teaching the class and is a partial gift of value back to you.  Includes access to weekly/monthly Live Classes and access to the Forum.

The Standard Rate is $197/month (only $10 per class) and is the base amount you would expect to pay for professional group instruction and helps to allow us to offer flexible pricing to the community.  Includes access to weekly/monthly Live Classes, access to the Forum as well as access to my Video Library and Creating Calm Course.

Scholarship Rate - $97/month

*only $5 per class*

  • Access to Weekly/Monthly Live Classes

  • Access to Forum

Standard Rate - $197/month

  • Access to Weekly/Monthly Live Classes

  • Access to Forum

  • Access to Video Library

  • Access to Creating Calm Course ($197 value) and more...

Community Starts on March 15th, 2021

Enrollment Available March 5th

This community offering is truly a one of kind space.  Think of it as a "one stop shop"- all your favorite transformational practices, top notch mentoring, and fun, joy-filled experiences. 

Phase 1 of this community launch is jam packed with simply the best you could ask for in an a intimate community.  The mentors will offer powerful space holding and continued integration to deeply embody the Primal Trust frequency.

In phase 2 you can expect additional neuroplasticity/polyvagal training and special guest workshops ranging from conscious parenting, energy medicine, nutrition.  AND we will add in some fun with ecstatic dance, laughter yoga, cooking, creative expression, and also some simple presence practices with each other.  

For a complete overview of all the value offered in phase 1: 

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