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August 20th & 27th 2020


*plus FB group support


Ending The Inner Conflict Of The Divided Mind State and Negative Energetic Resistance Patterns

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Ending Self Sabotage Through Harmonizing The Dark and The Light




We all wrestle with our shadow, the “shadow” fragmented parts of us.  When we resist these parts of us, we not only create unnecessary suffering, but also create disruptions in our energy field that make us susceptible to negative influences.  This wrestle creates a "divided mind", or a battle between the conscious and unconscious mind.  There is a way to get all "parts" on board with your desires.

What would it be like if we didn't resist the "shadow parts" in us?  What if these parts are really here to teach and awaken us to our True Self Essence.  What if there is literally NOTHING TO FIX!


Join Andrea and I, as we take you through the journey of harmonizing the Dark and the Light and release resistance to Create A Life You Love!


Are sabotaging energies and habitual resistance patterns blocking your life flow?

  • Are you running from a part of you that feels dark, bad, wrong?  

  • Are you endlessly trying to fix the “broken” parts of you?

  •  Do you struggle with addiction? 

  • Does it feel like forces outside of you keep you stuck in negative emotional patterns?


Together we will:

Change the way we see the "shadow" in us

Bring all parts of us into greater harmony, increasing love and satisfaction

Reduce resistance/Increase acceptance of the life we have


In This Class Series:



Cathleen will address:

  • Introduction of “Shadow” Work and “Parts” work, and how a "divided mind" is the core issue behind sabotage patterns.

  • Why Our Sabotaging Selves Can Get Activated  As We Expand Our Consciousness and Awaken to Love

  • How To Get the "Main Personality" to Guide These Shadow Parts Back Into Harmony

  • Why “Negative Energies”/ Disturbances Are Not Something To Fear

  • Restoration/Remembrance of Our Inherent Invincible Innocence and Indivisible True Nature As The Ultimate Anecdotal Soul Healing

Cathleen's Healing Modalities Will Include:

Brain Rewiring Attunements for Shadow Part Integration

Subconscious Reprogramming To Handle Resistance Patterns/Sabotage Patterns

Energetic Field Matrix Restructuring Using Sacred Geometry Visualizations



Andrea will address:

Andrea will be combining her knowledge and experience using the Emotion Code and the Body Code with Light Language to release offensive energies.

Offensive energies are distortions in the energy field that are often created by the subconscious mind of other people and could be lowering your vibration, influencing your thoughts, emotions and your behavior.

Types of offensive energies:

  • Curses

  • Entities

  • Energy weapons

  • Post-hypnotic suggestions

  • Energetic cords


Andrea's goal during these two group sessions is to:

  • release offensive energies, raise your vibration and create wholeness and balance in the energy body and energy field/aura.

  • Light Codes to unlock higher frequencies of Love and Light available to you, activate your dormant DNA and tune into your own Power.


Join us on Aug 20 and 27th @11:00AM-12:30 PST to be part of this healing revolution!

In addition we will be creating a private Facebook group for all members who wish to participate, primarily forfocused discussion on the class topics as well as short healing opportunities in between group sessions. This is a unique opportunity to have healing experiences through generating a collaborative electromagnetic heart connection of healing directed to each other as part of group collective.

2 deep dive healing sessions/class + Facebook Group/supportive healing sessions for only $97

*Valued over $500 for healing/coaching sessions! Don't miss this opportunity to receive coaching and healing at a greatly reduced cost

What are Brain Rewiring Attunements?

The Ancient Hermetic Art that combines Principles Of Neuroplasticity with Quantum Access to the Higher Superconscious Self

  • Our subconscious belief system and energetic vibration are "attuned" by the environment we were raised in, our current circumstances, genetic information, and what we have decided "is true".  Our beliefs and energy field can be attuned to lower frequency and negative thought patterns, much like listening to an out of tune, or off pitch instrument.  And just like an instrument can be "tuned" to play on key, so can our brain, our mindset, and our energy field be attuned to life affirming belief systems and harmonious energetic flow patterns. 

  • Simply put, an "attunement" is reprogramming the mind and energy field to be "on key" and be in resonance with divine principles of eternal truth. 

  • An energy attunement opens and clears your energy pathways and chakras to receive higher vibrational energies.  Attunements shift your energy system so that you become more aware of your true nature and enable you to become non resistant to your life. 

  • By combining my brain rewiring algorithm with my ability to connect to the Higher Conscious Self, an attunement is created by the Higher Self into your subconscious belief systems and energetic patterns. This is often referred by other lightworkers as a transmission, a recode, a download, or reprogramming.

  • In an attunement, the Higher Self Superconscious Mind uses metaphor, sacred geometry, sound, light and other energetic tools to inform the subconscious mind and energy centers with new information.  It is gentle and quick and capable of shifting any deeply held pattern in the mind/body. 

  • Brain Rewiring attunements provide a healing experience that raises your vibration and helps you to shift your resistance patterns and change your habitual protective responses of the past.

  • No prior brain rewiring experience is necessary to receive healing from an attunement, however learning brain retraining can help you learn to create your own healing attunements.



What is the Higher Self? 

It is also known as the super-conscious mind. It is the least understood and least accessed aspect of consciousness because it does not belong to the physical or mental realm. Its domain is the spiritual realm. It is the same in kind as the One Universal Mind. It is the You that is beyond not only the physical world but also the emotions of your mental world. Your higher self does not distinguish between good or bad, wrong or right, happy or sad - not because it is unable to but because it has no need to. It is non resistant to your entire life. It is the eternal, curious observer.

What is Light Language?

  • Light Language is the language of Love. It speaks directly to your Heart and to your Soul.


  • Light Language is multidimensional, it is made of Light and Sound and interacts directly with your Energy Field. Your Higher Self receives the information in form of light encodements and starts immediately a response that is unique to You.


  • Light Language speaks directly to your vibration and allows the release of distortions or activation of information that is for your highest good, initiating on an unconscious level emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing.


  • Andrea's Light Language is transmitted through Archangel Metatron. Metatron uses his Cube, made of sacred Geometry to release energies, shift, and activate your DNA.


  • ​You will be releasing, in each session, the number that is right for you, no more, no less.


In Addition to our inner calling as lightworkers  and Vast Experience with metaphysical healing, Andrea and I Both have extensive science Based educational backgrounds And Experience in the health and medical field

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

I am a physical therapist, wellness coach, and quantum energy healer.  My superpower is bringing cutting edge education in the field of neuroscience and creating quantum healing experiences to help others create transformational change in their life. 


I love working with people who are passionate about creating the life they love by being willing to move past resistance patterns keeping them from living their purpose. 


My healing programs combine the science of neuroplasticity to regulate the brain and nervous system along with ancient hermetic healing principles.  I have developed a revolutionary brain rewiring program that provides the structure for healing and creating change.  I combine this brain rewiring algorithm with my ability to direct/channel healing energetic codes/frequencies and direct them to those I work with. In my guided healings I directly connect and interact with the Higher Self of others to bring deep healing and alignment with one's True Self.  I teach others how to tap into their limitless healing potential using the same methodology. 


I bring to my work with my life experience of healing ranging from severe debilitating chronic infections to chronic ptsd and trauma patterns.  Through these initiations I received gifts and abilities to help create transformational change in others lives as well.  I am also highly educated in healthcare, trauma recovery, neuroscience, and quantum medicine.  My mission is to awaken people out of victim consciousness patterns that not only steal your life force but sabotage your dreams so I people can find their True Self identity, heal their mind and body and create a life they love.  

Andréa luizari Ferreira

Andréa Luizari Ferreira is a former Veterinarian and has over 10 years of experience in human clinical trials and pharmacovigilance in several therapeutic areas, including Oncology and Dermatology.


Andréa has discovered Energy Healing at the end of 2018, became a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner by Dr. Bradley Nelson in 2019 and has recently activated Light Language.


The Light Language spoken by Andréa is unique and extremely powerful, as she channels Archangel Metatron. Metatron uses his Cube, made of sacred geometry to release imbalances, shift and activate your dormant DNA.




Karin, USA

Who knew that enhancing my immune system could be so quick, easy and also very impactful all at the same time? I accomplished this by participating in an online virtual workshop led by Dr. Cathleen King and Andréa Luizari.  Both of these women are accomplished in their own right but when they combine their talents, they form a dynamic duo! They have unlocked a winning combination for healing.  This unique method blends neuroscience with energy medicine practices. I experienced many benefits from being in this group. Releasing emotions with Andrea was very powerful, especially after experiencing Cat’s attunements.  Cathleen helped to prepare the brain to release emotions, thus increasing our immunity and balancing our emotions. Just listening to Andrea’s soothing, calming voice, relaxes me even before she releases emotions! These experienced women have a rare gift.  I felt a wonderful transformation after each session. I have no doubt that whatever program these two put together, will yield incredible results!


Susana, Portugal

The Immune Function and Energy Healing workshop was an intense experience. The Emotion/Body Code combination with the neuroplastic rewiring leveraged the overall outcome, in a way that just surprised me. I already knew the amazing results of working with Andréa and the Emotion Code, being able to experience it with the attunement so beautifully guided by Cat took it further to a deep level of my being, a true self alignment and connection with the universe.
The group sessions enable me to better understand that we all share the same emotions (without saying a word), that we are one and the same, that emotions can be transmuted much faster just because we all have the same intention and will to let it go. At the end of each session I felt much lighter and peaceful knowing that my body was also attuned and stronger.
I recommend these workshops to those that wish to find self healing with the love and light of Andréa and Cat.


Laura, Spain

Everything is vibration and energy. My coach Cathleen King and Andrea Luizari Ferreira are doing an extraordinary work putting together Brain Rewiring and Energy Healing. I've never tried something like this and it did blow my mind.


In less than 24 hours I felt the benefits from this awesome class. No joke! If you want to speed up your recovery through brain rewiring give this a try. Everything is connected and time doesn't exists, when we let go of the past and open our heart, true healing happens.


Taylor, Australia

I found the course with Cathleen and Andrea a great way to go to a deeper level with my healing.  Combining the brain retraining with the energy work is a powerful tool that helps to shift old beliefs at a quantum level whilst also catering to the intellect. 

Cathleen’s knowledge of the limbic system and brain retraining is broad and it’s great she can relate on a personal level from her own experiences. 


 Both ladies are very nurturing and supportive and make the exercises easy to listen to & follow.


T.T. United States

As a brain trainer, a mother, a wife and an empath who has a history of developmental trauma, I was guided to Cat at the most opportune time.

When I first started a session with Cat, I was introduced to a MUCH bigger picture than a simple brain function. I got the opportunity to learn the effect of trauma from my childhood and pre-birth time. As I gained the tools to face and release them, I began to function better.

Her vast knowledge on healing the brain, the body, and releasing the trapped energy (And the energy work in general) helps me live my life with truth and authenticity. I am truly impressed by her intuitive advice every time I work with her. Her exceptional inputs invariably provide me the “A-ha” moments that I’ve been missing.


C.B. Canada

The combination of brain retraining and emotion code release with Cathleen and Andrea was a phenomenal experience. 

I could feel my limbic system relax during Cathleen's Attunement  and was then able to release emotions  during Andrea's work that normally feel too triggering to be with.

After the immune  healing class sessions I felt an energetic expansiveness and noticed old fear based beliefs didn't seem true for me anymore

I'll definitely be joining future classes!


Disclaimer for Andrea Luizari, M.Sc.: Releasing trapped emotions and any other energy or imbalance using the Emotion Code™ and Body Code®, or any other type of Energy Healing, whether in person or remote, is not a substitute for medical care. The emotional energy healing work I provide is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or medical conditions. Information provided during sessions should not be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your physician. Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.



Even though I am a Licensed Physical Therapist, I am not offering Physical Therapy services through this offering or course offerings. THE CLASS INSTRUCTION AND OFFERINGS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT OR FOR A PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP. Information given is not for diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Always consult a healthcare professional if you suspect you require medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe or suspect you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgement before applying any advice or recommendations made throughout my products and services, and also acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health, life and wellbeing, as well as the health, lives and wellbeing of any dependents.