Group Mentorship Program

Portal Of Primal Trust

With Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

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Portal of Primal Trust Group Mentorship

your personal roadmap to freedom Is found here!

revolutionary Mentorship training

For those on an advanced transformational journey who have a chronic illness and trauma pattern history

What I teach:

 Dr Cat’s 3 Core Pillars Of Transformation


I will mentor you on how to combine brain rewiring, functional neurology, somatic healing, attachment trauma recovery and energy psychology practices to create a simple streamlined approach to holistic healing. 

These revolutionary methods are based on my doctoral level training in neuroscience, over 20 years of experience working with chronic conditions (both in myself and my patients as a physical therapist and coach), and my intuitive understanding of how to navigate the complexities of the psyche and energy systems affected by trauma and chronic illness. 

I bring all the major approaches together in a unique way that you won't find elsewhere.


Are you already doing another process such as brain retraining or trauma healing?  Good news!

This program is also meant to be an ADJUNCT to help you with your current process and doesn't need to replace it. 

I work primarily with people doing other brain retraining programs such as DNRS, and teach them how to orient their practice to actually make major traction in their healing process. If you don't have a current neuroplasticity based healing process, you will learn how to create your own transformational protocol here as well.  I've got you covered! 


Dr Cat's 3 Pillar Approach:

#1 Emotional, Energetic, and Nervous System Self Regulation 

Discerning which tool to use when is critical when creating a simplified practice that you will actually commit to doing long term.  By learning the skills of healing emotional processing, new neural networks that create the experience of primal trust are carved. Understand how to best orient your neuroplasticity practice is essential for making long term head


#2 Structured Action and Clear Orientation Goals to change sick/trauma identity behaviors  Without a clear orientation and action steps, I see people just run themselves in circles in their brain rewiring practice or other trauma healing programs.  By orienting all your practices to lead to True Authentic Self expression, you create a superhighway to healing in your life.


3- Resolve Resistance and Sabotage Patterns Through Consciousness Integration

We can’t actually create long term progress if our psychological unconscious resistance is in opposition to what we truly want.  This is where my customized internal “parts” process work and brain rewiring attunements create magical shifts in resistance patterns allowing you to actually move forward rather than yo-yo between what you want and don’t want in your healing process.  As these subconscious programs, memory structures and personal parts are consciously integrated, you experience true and lasting TRANSFORMATION, and that’s the name of my favorite game!


To summarize, the algorithm of my 3 Pillar Process is...



Dr Cat's 5 Principles of Healing

from chronic illness and trauma

  • Taking Full Responsibility For Your Health and Life

  • Deep Knowing There’s Nothing To Fix

  • Emotional Expression of True Nature

  • Daily Structure of Focused Actions

  • Rewire/Resolve all Resistance


"The Art Of Expansion"- Living In the World With Vitality And Integrity 


As we experience deeper healing and personal freedom to live more fully, we meet the later stage healing process blockage patterns. I will teach practices to improve:

  • Primal Trust and Divine Neutrality

  • Sovereignty and Self Validation

  • Bringing Your Vision Into The World

  • Masculine/feminine alignment modeling 

  • Self Compassion and Integration of Past with Present

Please complete my FREE 3 day Resiliency training if you are interested in this mentorship.  It will help explain what Im all about and give you direction to get started.


Portal Of Primal Trust Membership Options

1.  LIVE TRAINING APRIL 2021- waitlist here


  • Each class will have a structured mentoring topic followed by an active experiential process such as my Dimensional Shift Brain Rewiring Attunement.  ​​

  • Listening to the recorded brain rewiring attunement is just as powerful if not more because it is done in a group setting where access to the quantum morphogenic field is heightened.  

  • Recorded course and attunement participation will meet the prerequisite and allow you to join my online community, "Living Alchemy", opening this spring for those interested in advanced transformational practices.

These are not your run-of-the-mill classes where there’s hundreds of people on a call given by an employee of a program.  This is me giving you all my best wisdom and practice roadmaps in my fullest capacity.  I am not only highly educated as a healthcare provider, but I actually know what it’s like to go through everything I teach. I have personal experience with limbic disorder, lyme disease and a host of other illness and lifelong trauma patterns. 

I lived all of this! 

And my presence and personal transformation story alone carry an activation

and transmission to those I work with.


  • I know what works, I know what causes people to run in circles and get nowhere.

  • I understand the personality and belief issues behind trauma and illness.  And I know what it takes to actually get out of the cycle.

  • This mentorship is one of a kind integrating neuroscience, quantum principles, and my personal experience of the "phoenix rising up through the ashes" history

  • I will see you fully and help you discern what has been keeping you from having the love you want.




9 Core Training Classes To Be Completed Over 3-4 Months. 

Includes Forum Help, Homework, Handouts, Guided Rewiring Attunements, and more


LIVE ACCESS- April 2021

We will meet live on zoom for mentoring over 4 months


  • Each class will have a structured mentoring topic followed by an active experiential process

    such as my Dimensional Shift Brain Rewiring Attunement. 

  • Additional class for personalized Q&A and facilitated group discussion. 

  • Group work offers a transformative experience that is often more powerful than 1:1,

    which is why I decided to take my work into this domain.

Terms and Agreement


Even though I am a Licensed Physical Therapist, I am not offering Physical Therapy services through this offering or course offerings. THE CLASS INSTRUCTION AND OFFERINGS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT OR FOR A PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP. This training or mentorship and any advised protocol is not a drug and does not treat or cure under the FDA’s definition given is not for diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Always consult a healthcare professional if you suspect you require medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe or suspect you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgement before applying any advice or recommendations made throughout my products and services, and also acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health, life and wellbeing, as well as the health, lives and wellbeing of any dependents.