Do you have to have brain rewiring experience to join the membership?

It’s for both experienced and newbies.  We have all levels of training within the membership platform.  Beginners will start at level 1 and learn the basics of brain retraining and nervous system regulation.  Advanced participants can start with level 2, the Primal Trust Mentorship, which dovetails nicely with all other brain retraining programs.

Can I can cancel if this is not a fit for me?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

Will this replace my current brain retraining program?

Nope. If you love your current rewiring program, you will continue with that process alongside all mentorship training. However I do introduce my brain retraining technique- “ABC Dimensional Shift”, as an alternative process that combines inquiry, parts work, somatic presence, and brain retraining. Many people use a combination of my work and their former practice throughout the level 2 mentorship.

How is this work different from DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System)?

DNRS is one of the most popular brain rewiring programs out there.  It is an excellent program that I used myself for some time.  This program is an even more expanded neuroplasticity program in that it includes vagus nerve toning, polyvagal theory education, somatic presencing and movement practices, and much more.  

DNRS is limbic system focused, and so is this.  And I found that by additionally implementing other limbic system calming tools, your brain rewiring practice can work much deeper.

This program also includes advanced “inner work”, which DNRS does not.  This is often a necessary stage of healing if you have any history of trauma or developmental attachment wounding.  My program has been so successful because it is a holistic process of beginning brain retraining, through advanced inner healing of the psyche.  You will be guided through the process incrementally in the membership format.

Are people going to talk about symptoms or “its” (DNRS language)? I don’t want to be triggered by other people.

In the level 1 live classes, we will be as mindful as possible to help not bring up topics that are triggering.  However, in level 2, the nature of the advanced mentorship is to get people to see beyond their limbic issues/triggers and to focus on living.  The level 2 program is not a DNRS focused brain rewiring group, and my job is to redirect people to get their life back together in a way where we can handle being triggered. This mentorship is meant for advanced brain retrainers who are ready to face the nuts and bolts of being a human on this planet and moving beyond their health-focused/fix-myself lifestyle. That being said, they may bring up symptoms/ or “its” and I will help to reflect back to them their concern in a way to raise their conscious awareness to a new level.

DNRS has an avoidant approach for a specific reason, to not trigger the limbic system. But the world is full of triggers, and eventually, we must be able to be in the world and be able to see ABOVE the triggers and above others’ current reality. That is where true freedom lies and what Primal Trust offers.

In my work, I purposely avoid talking about health problems much of the time – you can ask others who have done the mentorship about that. BUT I do not avoid it either, as I’m trying to model a healthy way of being in the world.

Is the mentorship or programs “spiritual”

Not directly. I ask you to develop a relationship with your Adult Main Personality and Higher Self. Whatever and whoever that is for you will be unique.

In the guided brain rewiring attunement aspect of each level 2 and 3 class, it is simply a connection to the “superconscious” field of information – you can decide for yourself what that means for you.

Will this program bring up trauma?

We are focusing on developing an “adult main personality” and alignment to your True Nature. We are not focusing on figuring out your past or finding the causes of your problems. So the answer is we are not directly looking into any trauma, but just like any personal development tool, you may experience the subconscious wanting you to heal your past.

 My processes are gentle and easy. If you have trauma, at some point you will need to be able to feel your feelings, hear the beliefs of those old parts (which usually are untrue), and repattern your reactions to those past perceptions.

This is not a direct trauma process work, but part of the process of developing Primal Trust is teaching the nervous system that you can handle your past and all the perspectives that go along with it.

This is where true freedom and healing lies – through the integration of our past with our adult main personality.

What are the “brain rewiring attunements” that Dr. Cat does on youtube?

It is simply a form of rewiring/neuroplasticity called “memory reconsolidation”. It’s a more effective, efficient form of brain rewiring. It is self-directed through energetically being present with two internal experiences at the same time.

It works by the principle of “neurons that fire together, wire together”. The focus is on the deep integration of parts and our main personality, repatterning our past perceptions that have negative emotional associations, and decreasing the unconscious resistance to living life fully.

It is gentle and easy and is done by connecting to the superconscious field of information that we all have access to in our consciousness. Most importantly, your own higher self is the one running the show. I am simply giving suggestions and helping you to get into a space of neuroplastic repatterning of your past.

I have many examples for free on my YouTube channel and on Instagram.

What If I cannot make a live class?

You can always catch the recording and submit any questions in the forum later.

I don’t know if I can afford it?

How much do you spend each month on coaching, supplements, and doctor visits?

If you were like me, then it’s a lot. BUT when I finally learned how to redirect my inner world to the part of me that was all grown up and resilient, I didn’t NEED the private coaching, the supplements, and the doctors. And that saved me a TON of money. The pricing of this membership is probably one of the best deals you will find on high-quality courses, coaching, and weekly support.  The price of my level 2 mentorship alone would be $1500 sold as a separate product.  I wanted to make this program affordable to the masses.  

If you still feel you cannot afford this, I will occasionally offer partial scholarship/work-trade opportunities and you can contact me directly for that information.

How do I know if I need more than brain retraining to heal?

I have outlined a 3 step process that I see most people go on for deep, lasting recovery from chronic illness and trauma.  Brain retraining is level 1 and focuses on limbic system healing to calm down the fight/flight/freeze response.  If there is deep attachment wounding, old trauma, etc, I often see folks need to go into a level 2, deeper dive by learning to develop what I call a “healthy adult main personality”.  This brain state helps us to naturally integrate fragmented parts in our psyche from trauma, be more present/somatically embodied, and resolve inner conflicts.  The level 2 material is a beautiful process that most find enriching and enlivening, nothing that you need to fear.  The level 3 process is getting your purpose, career, mission going and the life skills necessary to emerge back into the world.