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Dr. Cathleen King, DPT

I am a physical therapist, transformational leader, consciousness/neuroscience educator, and a busy mom.  She is the founder of Create Your Brain State™-, a company dedicated to creating supportive programs for personal transformation and conscious living. After launching her Primal Trust mentorship program, I decided it was time to bring my long held dream of founding a community focused on transformational living into being.  And hence the “Living Alchemy” community was born in 2021.


My Living Alchemy offerings focus on transformation through neuroplasticity, energetics, attachment theory and consciousness expansion practices.  I will be coaching the group, holding Q&A sessions and offering brain rewiring attunements.


My Living Alchemy Mission: 

  • Align with True Self Essence 

  • Activate and deepen Primal Trust Frequencies

  • Alchemize Shadow Frequencies  

  • Be an Oracle of Transformation


Weekly Offerings

Tuesdays 11am PST Group Mentoring/Coaching Q&A

This is your time to bring all your questions and deepen your understanding regarding all topics related to healing and transformation.  I will be leading some discussion on various topics each week, but mostly this is a time for group coaching and guidance to assist you all in your process of finding freedom to live fully.


Wed 8:30am PST  Alchemy Attunements

Start your day off with a brain repatterning attunement. We will drop in deeply together and connect in the superconscious field to assist us in aligning with our True Nature.  All things are possible when we integrate and alchemize our past, our parts, our emotions and unlock our self healing frequencies through True Self Alignment.


Occasional weekly offerings- Alchemy Toolkit

I will have random drop in classes from time to time where I teach the basic tools I love to help align your brain patterning back into your adult main personality when you get derailed.  These tools will range from polyvagal regulation, brain rewiring, breathwork, energy medicine, inquiry, and more.

Falguni Bahvsar

I am a vibrant mom of two, truth seeker, source aligner, brain retrainer and lover of all creations.  I have found my way here from the process called my life. Most would think that being sick, happened to them….I believe that I created my illness and that I wield the power to un-create that state, so it is, this is my journey.  Along my journey, I have learned how to accept this belief and create a space of lovely life living.


I bring my gorgeous, saavy corporate ladder climber, my thirst for knowledge and combining it with my love for science to the table.  My teachings are a blend of all of these great experiences I have had through my time on mother earth.


The alchemy corner is the place where you come to receive information on how to deepen your practice of being in primal trust by implementing the practices into your life.


Weekly Offering

Mondays at 10:30AM PST


First Monday of the month:

Mindful Awareness Deepening:  This one hour class will focus on growing awareness into your thoughts and beliefs. It is important that members read my blog on “Rewiring Your Wellness” site and watch the video as a primer.  The class time will focus on taking members through an example thought or belief they would want to shift and model the process for others.


Second Monday of the month:

“Manifest Tech”: This class will hone in on how to use all of the lovely templates created through the mentorship and will encompass all the technical tips that you need to advance developing the tools you need to build primal trust.


Third Monday of the month:

Magnify Primal Trust:  This class will deepen the knowledge of all the tools learned in the Primal Trust mentorship to allow you so incorporate this into your everyday life with beautiful confidence.


Fourth Monday of the month:

Musical Meditation Movement:  This class is a presence practice where we will use musical mediations I have created and combine some gentle movement to it to bring us to our

Michele Palmer, MSPT

I am a lover of life, an earth mama, a sparkly, free-spirited woman, an embracer of community, a facilitator of change, a life-long learner, a world traveler, and an adventurer- inside and out. 


Michele as Professional

With over 3 decades of experience, I alchemize my passion for body/mind science with a diverse exploration of contemplative practices and somatic integration. I steep myself in the role of dedicated student, curious observer, playful and creative choreographer, attentive advisor, devoted teacher and inspired guide.  My depth of knowledge and skill has led to profound insight and intuition into the symphonic duet that dances between the mind/body and our consciousness. I have assisted thousands of women in their journey in uncovering their radiant, embodied, feminine, expressive selves. 

Background Education

Master of Physical Therapy, 1000+-hours of Yoga Certifications, 2000-hour massage therapy degree, Arvigo® Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Pelvic Care Therapist, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, Allard Somatic Practitioner, thousands of hours of continuing education and manual therapy and somatic studies, and so much more… 


Weekly Offering

Thursdays at 8am PST

From a place of curiosity and discovery, I guide you into an exploration of intentional movement, fostering renewed and revitalized pathways of connection to your embodied wisdom.  We presence the body mind through an evolving sense of ease and spaciousness that arises from the unwinding  and releasing of ingrained physical, emotional and energetic patterns that reside in the body. 


Through the dynamic interplay between movement, breath and awareness, you are able to access, explore, and discover the internal landscape of your being.  

This inner cultivation of intimacy provides you the opportunity to feel, sense and listen to sensations, the language of the body.  The practice gifts you the opportunity to settle and ground yourself to mother earth, slow and balance the nervous system and deeply nurture and nourish yourself.

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Living Change

Known for “thinking differently”. Dorothy has a history of 21 years in operational management at Intel Corporation, 12 years as a Life & Career Coach and 3 years as an Intuitive Sound Therapist. Not one for labels, she is known for her right brain thinking with a dose of intuition and humor thrown in. For the Alchemy community, her time will be spent focusing on looking at “Living (your) Change” recognizing Alchemy is all about change and at some point, you have to put your change into actionable, daily use. Dorothy will give you some interesting perspectives on such things as: the mechanics of change, the 4 pillars you need daily to make sense of life, the unintended consequences of all your actions, constructive confrontation, living without guilt, developing resilience, dealing with difficult people,,,whew the list could go on! To set the stage the first session will be on The Mechanics of Change – stuff your mama didn’t tell you.

Wednesday March 31st @11AM PST

Mechanics of Change: Stuff your mama never told you about making a
change you’ll be glad to know

You might think you’re resistant to change but you’re not.

I might not know you, but I do know this: You’re human = you’re changing, and you’ve been changing since you were born and will continue to change until the “big” change happens.

So, why is there a myth about being resistant to change, and why are some changes so hard to make and others are a snap? Are we feeling crazy yet? :-0

In our session I’m going to:

- Define the difference between change and transition – why you want to know and why one makes you crazy at times

- Outline Prochaska’s’ 5-part model of change and what you have to do to move through each phase

- Create a 3-D model with the 3 phases of transition so you can see where your emotions play a big role before, during, and after

- And, of course, the two ingredients that must be present and in balance to be a catalyst to ignite any change. Without them – no change or a crash and burn – either end result we want to avoid.

- Why you can’t change other people. You can try but you’re wasting your time and only ticking off the other person. Seriously, you’ve got better things to do than try to change someone else.

When you’re done with this session, you can go out into the world and be a change agent. Use
your power wisely my friend. I only share this with people I know will wield this wisdom for good.

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