bonus drop in classes Fall 2021- Stay tuned for some interesting guest presenters

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Community Class Offerings, Mentors, and Guide Details

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Dorothy Tannahill- Moran (Dr Cat's Personal Mentor) Presents:

Living Change Mentoring and Bi-Weekly Sound Healing

For the Alchemy community, her time will be spent focusing on looking at “Living (your) Change” recognizing Alchemy is all about change and at some point, you have to put your change into actionable, daily use. Dorothy will give you some interesting perspectives on such things as: the mechanics of change, the 4 pillars you need daily to make sense of life, the unintended consequences of all your actions, constructive confrontation, living without guilt, developing resilience, dealing with difficult people,,,whew the list could go on! To set the stage the first session will be on The Mechanics of Change – stuff your mama didn’t tell you.

Dorothy's Bi-weekly Vibrational Sound Mezze


For those of you not familiar with the eastern Mediterranean mezze, they are small plates, commonly thought of as appetizers but also considered a full meal.  Our Sound Mezze will be just that, bigger than a snack, but for many may be just what you need for a good intake of frequency.  Yum, yum.


In our 30 minutes together, we will first focus on the frequencies that are associated with your Chakras or energy systems, beginning with your Root Chakra and going up from there.  Each frequency will have effects on your body, mind, and soul in very different ways as you will learn.  While the focus will be on simply listening and taking in the frequency, I will share a few things with you about the effects and more importantly, how you can replicate those effects for yourself!  Empowerment is sexy my friends.


Additional NEW Guides and Offerings-Summer/Fall 2021

Myofascial Movement and Fun - Laura Scheindlin, LPC, LMT

Class Description: a 40-45 minute experiential class that’s part somatic, part emotional elevation, and ALL FUN!!  Make sure to have 1 or 2 balls and space where you can both lie down comfortably AND get up and move around (optimally a 3 ft radius in all directions). 

PART 1: BOUNCE! Myofascial Rebounding (AKA Jiggling)  (5-10 min)   

PART 2: BALLS! Facilitated Group Myofascial Release self-treatment   (15-20 min) 

PART 3: BEATS! Music + Dance + Creating moves for your “I Am” adjectives (15-20 min)

Time with Tessa - Tessa Malcarne

Time with Tessa: Tessa Malcarne, one of the most experienced neuroplasticity coaches out there, is joining us to discuss all aspects of limbic system impairment.  Tessa will be joining Dr. Cat with some juicy topics in a conversation/ Q&A style flow, and she will also be bringing some of her own teachings to the mix.


Integrating Your Roots - Christina Choy

Integrating Your Roots by Christina Choy, a fellow transformation-focused, limbic system retraining coach, will be bringing new thought-provoking perspectives to the mix.  Some topics that will be explored are rewiring core beliefs, core ways of being, the fawn response, emotional and trauma processing, the power of words and intent, subtle associations, shadow work, overall creating an integrated and harmonious belief system and way of being that allows for the full expression and well-being of the whole person.


Grief Circle - Co-Facilitated by Primal Trust Graduates

Grief Circles- Co-facilitated.An integral aspect of the hero's journey is grieving what we have lost.  This is vital for parts integration.  

Insight and Epiphany - Aaron King

Questioning your stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs through the inquiry process, led by Aaron King.  Aaron has been practicing and guiding the inquiry process for over a decade.  In these sessions, he will guide one or more participants through the full process of inquiry and self-discovery using the Byron Katie method.

Rewire Through Human Design - Chazmith Newton

Chaz is a fellow neuroplastic and somatic expert who weaves principles of Human design into rewiring practices.  Human design is a beautiful energetic roadmap.  In our openness, we are most susceptible to our deepest conditioning, and it is in the conditioning that our “not-self” themes can present themselves in our lives.  This tool helps show us the areas of our life that we may be out of alignment.  We can then use this tool to become aware of these “not-self” themes to treat as old programming and redirect in our rewiring process, helping to really fine-tune & individualize our rewiring journey.  It is in the discovery of who we are not, that we are able to truly embody who we are, and rewire our becoming. 


Out of the Funk Into the Spunk - Falguni and Michelle

Playful Fun- Out of the Funk into the Spunk. Co-facilitiated by Falguni and Michele. Our inner child needs to be part of our Primal Trust awakening too, so lets keep this expression healthy and flowing! 

Food and Rewiring our Survival - Tammy Metz

Food and Rewiring Our Survival: Tammy Metz.  Basically, with healing limbic system dysfunction, the relationship with food may also become “distorted”. 2 sessions where we first talk about the relationship to food and needs, and wanting power and control over our bodies needs. The second session will be to guide people who are interested in the Medical Medium way of healing the brain and body through food. 

bonus guest presenters coming Fall 2021- TBA!


Living Alchemy Community Schedule

*Please note: This schedule shows the basic framework of classes. The community also offers special drop-in classes and new classes coming up which are not yet advertised - stay tuned!

core alchemy mentor Bios

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT


I am a physical therapist, transformational leader, consciousness/neuroscience educator, and a busy mom.  I am the founder of Create Your Brain State, LLC, a company dedicated to creating supportive programs for personal transformation and conscious living. After launching my Primal Trust™ Mentorship program, I decided it was time to bring my long-held dream of founding a community focused on transformational living into being.  And hence the “Living Alchemy” community was born in 2021.


My Living Alchemy offerings focus on transformation through neuroplasticity, energetics, attachment theory and consciousness expansion practices.  I will be coaching the group, holding Q&A sessions and offering brain rewiring attunements.

See the full Dr Cat bio under her "about me" section of the website




I am a vibrant mom of two, truth seeker, source aligner, brain retrainer and lover of all creations.  I have found my way here from the process called my life. Most would think that being sick, happened to them….I believe that I created my illness and that I wield the power to un-create that state, so it is, this is my journey.  Along my journey, I have learned how to accept this belief and create a space of lovely life living.


I bring my gorgeous, saavy corporate ladder climber, my thirst for knowledge and combining it with my love for science to the table.  My teachings are a blend of all of these great experiences I have had through my time on mother earth.


The alchemy corner is the place where you come to receive information on how to deepen your practice of being in primal trust by implementing the practices into your life.

Michele Palmer, MSPT

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

I am a lover of life, an earth mama, a sparkly, free-spirited woman, an embracer of community, a facilitator of change, a life-long learner, a world traveler, and an adventurer- inside and out. 


Michele as Professional

With over 3 decades of experience, I alchemize my passion for body/mind science with a diverse exploration of contemplative practices and somatic integration. I steep myself in the role of dedicated student, curious observer, playful and creative choreographer, attentive advisor, devoted teacher and inspired guide.  My depth of knowledge and skill has led to profound insight and intuition into the symphonic duet that dances between the mind/body and our consciousness. I have assisted thousands of women in their journey in uncovering their radiant, embodied, feminine, expressive selves. 

Background Education

Master of Physical Therapy, 1000+-hours of Yoga Certifications, 2000-hour massage therapy degree, Arvigo® Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Pelvic Care Therapist, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, Allard Somatic Practitioner, thousands of hours of continuing education and manual therapy and somatic studies, and so much more… 


Known for “thinking differently”. Dorothy has a history of 21 years in operational management at Intel Corporation, 12 years as a Life & Career Coach and 3 years as an Intuitive Sound Therapist. Not one for labels, she is known for her right brain thinking with a dose of intuition and humor thrown in.