Transformational Teaching, Coaching, and Healing

Combining doctoral level training, cutting edge consciousness education, and innate intuition...

I bring a revolutionary brain rewiring life change program to you  Transformation and Healing Happen Here

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Transformative Coaching Options 

What I do...

  • Create Structured Customized Brain Rewiring Programs

  • Teach Neuroscience Based Consciousness Education

  • Bring Tools To Create CALM Through Brain Retraining, Vagus Nerve Activation, Somatic Movements, and Energy Medicine

  • My Superpower Is Helping You Move Past Sticky Subconscious Resistance Patterns So You Can Create A Life You Love!

Private Coaching

I offer Premium Access Coaching Packages


Single Sessions

Premium Access Coaching includes:

  • Deep dive weekly sessions

  • All access to me via email or messaging

  • Personalized recorded healing attunements

  • Solid structure and treatment plan to reach your healing goals

Group Coaching

Affordable coaching and group healing with brain rewiring guided attunements

Now offering weekly group coaching via zoom and Facebook to teach the latest in neuroplasticity based healing

 live Q&A for affordable coaching and receive guided brain rewiring attunements

Details Coming Soon!

Meeting times vary