Transformational Mentoring  

Private 1:1 Mentoring

1)  I offer 1:1 deep-dive sessions  

**No longer accepting clients outside the "Primal Trust Community Membership".  Please join the community for coaching access.


2)  Small group, VIP coaching with Dr. Cat 

      *In the new live Primal Trust Mentorship, I will offer a small group mentoring (less than 8 people,  Primal Trust members only)  privately with me for those wanting extra support and private guidance.  Due to limited 1:1 slots with Dr Cat, this option will allow personal access to me throughout the mentorship at an additional cost to the monthly membership fee. 

Contact me if interested in this option. 


Dr. Cat's words of advice: 
"The key to healing and transformation is learning to self-regulate your nervous system, create heart-brain coherence, and repattern your unconscious blockages that stand in the way of your purpose."

I understand the complexities of illness and trauma. I know what works and what doesn't.  I can bring insight to your deepest, longstanding issues and together we carve a plan that allows you to be free of your past and have the vitality to live a life you love!