Transformational Coaching and Quantum Integration

Combining doctoral level neuroscience training 

Cutting edge consciousness and quantum physics education 

and innate intuition...

 Transformation and Healing Happen Here

 Coaching and Mentoring Options 

What I do...

Here's what my aim is in a nutshell-



*Integrate Your Shadows With YOUR LIGHT

*So You Can Create A Life You Love!

How I do what I do:

  • Create Structured Customized Brain Rewiring and Nervous System Regulation Programs

  • Teach Neuroscience Based Consciousness Education

  • Bring Tools To Create CALM Through Brain Retraining, Vagus Nerve Activation, Somatic Movements, and Energy Medicine

  • My Superpower Is Helping You Move Past Sticky Subconscious Resistance Patterns So You Can Create A Life You Love!

  • I understand the complexities of illness and trauma. I know what works and what doesn't.

Private Coaching

I offer private 1:1 coaching 


Brain Rewiring Attunements- My Revolutionary Technique combining neuroscience with quantum physics

for deep transformational change

I bring a 3 pillar focus to my approach-integrating neuroscience, child attachment repair, and quantum healing principles

  1. Brain Rewiring, Nervous System Regulation and Energetic Balance​

  2. Solid Structure, Goal Orientation, and Action Plan

  3. Rewire Resistance and Sabotage Patterns

Group Mentoring

Starts Dec. 2nd

Meeting 3x month-

Bringing All My Best In A Group Setting For Deep Transformation

Small Healing Containers of 10 women wanting to create transformative changes and bring their radiance into the world. 


  • neuroplasticity based healing,

  • nervous system regulation,

  • energy medicine/ancient wisdom


  • quantum brain rewiring attunements

*Clients, Coaches, and Healers all welcome to join in this group collective training. Focus is on building Primal Trust, True Self Discovery, Empath Boundary Healing, and of course healing and creating a life you love!

AND...I am also part of an amazing community that I recommend checking out. It's called "Rewiring Your Wellness".

There is a ton of FREE information and live events all on brain rewiring. 

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