Transformative Coaching Options 

  • Coaching focused on creating a complete nervous system overhaul  awaken to your True Self  and heal from chronic trauma and illness patterns.

  • Creating new neuropathways to resolve protective or sabotaging subconscious patterns

  • Rewiring the brain from 3rd Dimensional Protection to 5th Dimensional Freedom, Unity, and Love

  • Embodiment practices to create inner presence and peace

  • The goal is to develop a personalized road-map to guide you through your "awakening process" utilizing home brain rewiring/somatic/energy alignment techniques

1:1 Intensive Coaching


Please contact me for an interview to see if this a fit for your situation and to discover the options for working together.

Group weekly coaching via Zoom and FB live. 


Affordable coaching help to guide the collective through their healing process.  I highly recommend taking my online class series as a preparation for group work.