What you can expect when WORKING WITH ME:

  • Most importantly we discover the root of the underlying subconscious patterns keeping you stuck in your cycle of disharmony or disease and dissolve them

  • You learn to self generate a whole brain state to allow innate healing to occur

  • You will be taught a daily home self healing practice where we weave ancient spiritual principles, energy medicine and the latest neuro-scientific brain rewiring techniques into a customized tapestry, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Guided personalized energetic attunement healings to upgrade and reprogram your outdated subconscious operating system

  • Expect to go deep, get real, and be seen, heard and understood in ways you may not have experienced before.

1:1 Transformative Coaching Options 

Intensive nervous system overhaul coaching package in which you will receive highly individualized support including:


  • Weekly 1:1 phone/video chat personal coaching sessions to create a rock-solid self regulation practice to re-pattern your nervous system and energetic system

  • In depth understanding of your specific subconscious blockages and develop a personalized road-map to guide you through the "awakening process" utilizing home brain rewiring/somatic/ energy alignment techniques

  • Includes somatic and functional neurology based brain retraining home program instruction, customized energy medicine and yoga home practice and wellness guidance

Single Rate Sessions Available as Well




  • My foundational class offerings will focus on developing your own practice for regulating the nervous system, rewiring your brain, and creating the life you love

  • Ongoing Online Monthly Classes and Facebook Live Support