What you can expect when WORKING WITH ME:

  • You will become aware of the underlying subconscious patterns keeping you stuck in your cycle of disharmony or disease.

  • You will be able to self-generate a WHOLE BRAIN STATE where I help you create a bridge of understanding between the subconscious and conscious mind so that you are empowered to direct your experience.

  • You will be taught a daily home self healing practice where we weave ancient spiritual principles, energy medicine and the latest neuro-scientific brain rewiring techniques into a customized tapestry, tailored to your specific needs.

  • You will be guided into radical healing perspectives, and will gain understanding of the steps necessary to change your reality.  

  • Expect to go deep, get real, and be seen, heard and understood in ways you may not have experienced before.

Contact me to determine how I can best support you in your healing process.

1:1 Transformative Coaching Options 

Intensive nervous system overhaul coaching package in which you will receive highly individualized support including:


  • Weekly 1:1 phone/video chat personal coaching sessions to create a rock-solid self regulation practice to re-pattern your nervous system and energetic system

  • In depth understanding of your specific subconscious blockages and develop a personalized road-map to guide you through the "awakening process" utilizing home brain rewiring/somatic/ energy alignment techniques

  • Includes somatic and functional neurology based brain retraining home program instruction, customized energy medicine and yoga home practice and wellness guidance

I am currently taking a limited number of private clients, but am also now conducting regular online classes to try to support as many as possible in their path toward healing and awakening.  



Starting FALL 2019 

  • My foundational class offerings will focus on developing your own practice for regulating the nervous system, rewiring your brain, and creating the life you love

  • Advanced Awakening Masterclass takes a deeper dive into the realm of consciousness expansion and life purpose discovery