About Me

I AM a lover of Self-realization, a spiritual seeker, a neuroscience nerd, a teacher and guide, an intuitive empath, an artist, and a mother of two amazing children.


I love adventure and travel and read more books on science and spirituality than anyone I know.  When I’m not learning, working, or mothering, I enjoy yoga, consciousness evolution communities, and being outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


My secret weapon against my inner “demons” is to find humor in the internal “craziness of the mind” and laugh myself silly.  


Most importantly, I am committed to THE FEELING OF BEING FREE TO CREATE MY OWN REALITY and my greatest desire is to teach others how to do the same.



My  healing story



From a young age I grew up in an environmental situation that resulted in deep seated trauma patterns in my brain and body.  I have also always had unique sensitivities as a somatic (body) empath and spiritual intuitive that I did not know how to utilize and heal from until adulthood.  Rather these sensitivities were overwhelming and unmanageable as a child and I developed hypervigilance and protection mechanisms trying to handle my life. The early childhood trauma patterns in my brain also gave birth to a perfection-driven inner critic that dominated my inner world. This familiar inner critic appeared “helpful” by motivating me to become an achiever, and creating a successful career as a doctor of physical therapy.  However this excessive inner vigilance created the platform for developing a limbic system disorder after a toxic chemical and pathogenic exposure to my central nervous system.  This deadly combination of predisposed hyperarousal of the nervous system and a toxic injury to my brain resulted in an radical life change as I developed a debilitating chronic illness.  My diagnoses of Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, POTs, CIRS, parasite and viral infections had and overwhelming complexity and the treatments offered were symptom management at best.  My blossoming career and inner adventurer slowly died away as my brain and personality became "hijacked" by a limbic system and somatosensory system disorder disguised by infections.  I was at age 30 that I began a new life mission of learning how to navigate my mind, body, and spirit back to health.  

For the next 10 years I was caught in the cycle of going from doctor to doctor and trying every protocol I could afford without any lasting result.  This desperation to heal through looking for the answer or cure outside of myself brought me to a dark place where I lost my sense of personal power until I discovered something life changing.  I discovered the root cause of all of my infections and endocrine dysfunction- a brain injury from the toxic exposure of a Lyme disease and viral infection and environmental mold in my 20’s, coupled with a history of stuck trauma patterns in my brain. The field of neuroscience has shown clearly that the reason why some people get stuck in a state of chronic, incurable, mysterious illness after these type of exposures because their brain develops a dysfunction in the limbic and/or somatosensory system.  When I learned more about the function of the brain and the role it plays with chronic illness I knew I had found the answer to WHY I was stuck in an illness cycle. And the best part was that the solution to the host of problems did not rely on a doctor or a new pill.  But rather the healing I desired was something I could create and reclaim with daily practices of brain retraining and energy body system alignment. In fact I had already been familiar with many of these techniques as a physical therapist working with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.  I knew could apply the same mind-body retraining ideas to my personal illness situation, and it worked! This was the freedom I had been seeking, and that personal power that I had lost returned to me as I focused on rewiring my own brain to heal my own body. I developed my own method of learning to combine the science of limbic system retraining and somatic nervous system repatterining with my innate gifts of being an empath and intuitive to create a new brain state, shift subconscious beliefs and recreate my life.


My professional bio-

I graduated with my doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Pacific University in 2003 with post graduate training in orthopedic manual therapy and specializing in somatic brain retraining.  I have had further training and experiences in the field of energetic and mind-body medicine with a particular focus on limbic system rewiring programs such as DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System), The Sarno Method, EFT, PSYCH-K, shamanism, NLP, breathwork such as the Buteyko method, yoga, and more.