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Nervous System Resilience Practices Are Often The Missing Piece In Chronic Illness and Trauma Recovery Programs

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  • Learn the proven 5 top tips for recovery from chronic illness and trauma- all possible without spending thousands of dollars on treatment  


About Me:

I am a Doctor in the health professional field of physical therapy, and have worked with brain based complex pain, trauma, and illness since 2003. 


I am now a transformational coach, consciousness educator, and most importantly, a mom. I've been through tough stuff, and have the scientific training to back up my protocols and personal transformational experience. 

And despite all the science and education, I know that healing efforts are futile without the lessons I explore with you in this 3 Day Resiliency Challenge.


As i was reclaiming my own physical and emotional resilience, I stumbled upon my deeply transformational feminine essence, bringing me my twin flame love of my life.


Now I'm on a mission to share this path to others who are devoted to the investments they make for their healing. I believe the keys of healing I teach allow treatment protocals to create change they way they were meant to.

I'm the founder of Create Your Brain State, LLC- a company whose mission is leading brave souls through the transformational hero’s journey of recovering from illness and trauma to a life of freedom and True Self embodiment.