I healed from over a decade long debilitating chronic disease and trauma patterns by combining

Brain Rewiring with learning to access the Superconscious Higher Self.

I bring my doctoral level background of neuroscience as a physical therapist combined with personal healing experience to teach others to rewire their brain to create transformation life change 

Rewire The Brain, Find True Healing, And Be Source of Creative Change In The World

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"- Albert Einstein


Create Your Brain State™

 And Create A Life You Love!

I've been there, stuck in vicious illness cycles going from doctor to doctor, getting several diagnoses with no good treatment, and feeling hopeless. 

Once I realized that most chronic conditions, mental or physical, can be treated by healing the brain by rewiring the limbic system I found my miracle.

By learning the neuroscience of rewiring the brain and how to release and attune subconscious blocks,

you can liberate your life force and unlock innate healing mechanisms.

Conditions that I help you find freedom from:

Chronic Infection such as Lyme Disease

Chronic Illness/Mold Sensitivity/Allergies

PTSD/Anxiety/Mental Emotional Challenges

Once your health is stabilized, life opens up to improve your relationship dynamics, create your wealth producing business,

and live a life you love! 

I'd love to teach you how.



When I first met Cathleen, I was 40 pounds underweight with severe reactions to nearly all foods and completely bedbound. But now, with Cathleen’s excellent guidance, coaching and support, I am back at a healthy weight, have minimal food restrictions, am working part-time, and most importantly, wake up looking forward to each day again. She was the catalyst I needed to unlock my own healing ability, and I thank her immensely for helping me get my life back. Cathleen, with her deep understanding, intuition and compassion, will help you discern the patterns keeping you locked in chronic illness and teach you how to break free using practical tools. Every time we talk, she leaves me feeling empowered and full of insights. I can’t recommend her enough!

Kelsie - Florida

Cathleen immediately could relate to my condition, and was the first person who could walk me through exactly how the maladapted stress response in the brain was causing my own very specific set of circumstances. She explained it with compassion for what I was going through, and in a way that I truly could understand. After just a couple of meetings, Cathleen picked up on a few things that I needed to change in order to see more improvement. She gave me the methods of how to make these changes, and really explained the importance of making them, including how it would lead to improvements in my overall limbic condition. She provided me multiple modalities to calm the brain and nervous system, and bring my overall system back in balance. We started meeting weekly, and every single week that we talked, I walked away with even more information than I had before and more power to take my life back. Anytime I doubted myself or my ability to recover, Cathleen was there to support me and arm me with what I needed to do to progress forward.  


Since meeting with Cathleen, I have made several amazing shifts…. Piece by piece, I am getting my life back. Here are the changes I have made over the last 2 months. I still have more recovery to do, but the pieces are falling into place!

Valerie - Virginia

"I have suffered with chronic illness for many years.  I have been to many specialists, energy healers, homeopaths, etc. and while I would see some improvement I would fall right back into illness.  Cathleen is amazing and helping me to see why I keep falling back into the same patterns and how to stop it.  Her compassion, in-depth knowledge of how disease is created and the tools she has to stop the cycle are exactly what I need to heal.  I highly recommend Cathleen!"  -Robin - Tennessee

"I have worked with Cathleen as both my physical therapist as well as my brain retraining coach. Her ability to intuitively perceive my core issues and recognize the dysfunctional patterns with my body and belief systems allowed me to gain understanding and direction to lead me towards my desired healing in ways I've never experienced before..  She compassionately holds space while being direct and focused on teaching me what changes I needed to make in order to heal.  She can pinpoint issues that no other practitioners were able to perceive in my situation.  She is my go-to practitioner for healing, physical therapy, and insight.  She has a way of bridging a scientific/physiological based understanding with energetic medicine allowing a mind-body approach. " - 


"Working with Cathleen has been like having with a trusted friend at my side, a friend who’s also smarter, in many ways, than my doctors (she has a doctorate, after all). She's generous, funny, and deeply intuitive. She knows what I've been through because she’s been through it herself, which is more valuable than I can say. Any one of the sessions we’ve done together has been worth its weight in gold for the insights and tools I receive. She will gladly delve into any subject with compassion and care, as long as it brings me closer to the goal of being well." -

Matthew - Minnesota

"Discovering Cathleen for me has been a gift from the universe. From the first moment I spoke with her I connected 100% with her way of understanding the process that I have gone through and how to reconfigure my brain from a more spiritual point of view. I consider Cathleen much more than a coach, for me she is my shaman and my link with my divine feminine. In Spain there are no coaches like her and I found her through a good friend, definitely 100% recommended. It is a pleasure to be able to use all her super wise advice to heal my life and soul."

Laura - Spain

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