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We Can consciously
our own biology





Awakening an imperturbable inner adult self
Embodying the Primal Trust Frequency

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I get a lot of questions wondering:

  • "How can I heal?"

  • Which program is best suited for my situation?


  • What's included in the Primal Trust™ Academy + Community Membership?

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*  Brain Rewiring  *  Nervous System Healing  *  Trauma Recovery  * Attachment Repair




Unlock self-healing, healthy inner attachment, and nervous system resilience

Bringing transformation and freedom to those struggling with:

 Chronic Stress Response 

 * Lyme Disease * Chronic Stress/Illness * Mold Toxicity * Mental Health Challenges/PTSD/ Trauma * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Autoimmune * P.O.T.S * Allergies and more...


Conditions that I have personally experienced and can help you find freedom from:

  • Chronic Infections such as Lyme Disease, Viral, Parasites

  • Chronic Illness /Mold Sensitivity / POTS / MCS / CIRS / Digestive Issues /Allergies/ Chronic Fatigue

  • Trauma / Disorganized Attachment Patterns / PTSD

  • Anxiety / Mental Emotional Challenges

Dr Cat's Healing Story:



"Create Your Brain State" you can Create A Life You Love!

I've been there, stuck in vicious illness cycles going from doctor to doctor, getting several diagnoses with no good treatment, and feeling hopeless. 

Once I realized that most chronic conditions, mental or physical, can be treated by rewiring the limbic system, regulating the nervous system, and integrating fragmented inner parts into a healthy inner adult concept - I found my miracle.

You too can liberate your life force and sift yourself out of the illness that has run your life.  I'm here to show you how.  I have a proven map and method that's helped hundreds do the same...


What people say . . .

What has been the result of participating in the mentorship?
It has taken my approach to recovery to the next level. I understand myself so much better and feel supported as I create my new life. I know I can support myself, and I don't feel the need to rush for external validation or support, I am internally resourced.


What was the most valuable thing you gained from the process?
Understanding myself and tools and approaches to use when challenges arise.


What effect has the mentorship had on your overall wellbeing?
My health has improved and my emotional wellbeing has soared. Comparing who I was when I started 9 months ago and who I am now is lightyears away.


Thank you for the amazing programs.


- Luanne Hopkinson, Australia


I am so grateful for primal trust. It came into my life in divine timing, as all things do. I explain primal trust to people as the roots beneath the earth and the tree. I had been doing DNRS ( dynamic neural retraining system) to heal my illnesses related to limbic impairment, for a 1.5 years when primal trust entered my life. I had hit a standstill with dnrs and primal trust has helped me address the underlying structures and narratives contributing to my limbic system impairment. It’s not work for the faint of heart. Because it is deeply “rooted” structures, it can cause some uprooting, but I trust the process and I trust Dr. Cat as I feel she has a deep understanding of the conscious and unconscious thought patterns driving chronic illness. For those interested in doing it, I would recommend pacing yourself if you see symptoms arise, and know it’ll all pass. I’m so grateful this program came into my life when it did. It got me over the hump I was in. Forever grateful to Dr. Cat.

- Alexandra Berzak, USA

Participating in Dr. Cat’s Primal Trust Mentorship has been transformative in the months that I have been engaging in and incorporating her tools and systems into my life. I am much more grounded and have a much much much clearer picture on where I am going, while approaching each and every day as a day to be and to create, no matter what I do.   I was crying out for structure in my daily life to keep me grounded and centered and focused, and I now have that. It has lit the spark that I’ve always had in me, and turned it into a burning flame to embrace my True Self, and to live abundantly within her.  My overall wellbeing is settling into confidence and a sense of “observing” and letting things surface and grow as they will.  I am speaking up rather than allowing things to stay stuck inside of me, even if it is imperfect.  There are honestly, too many things to name that have been added to my life in going through the mentorship.  It has definitely been a springboard for me into my amazing life!!!  I am currently going back through and will be excited to be adding more aspects that needed more time to surface. 

- Jill White, USA